Construct Camping, Hiking, Trekking Survivalist Gear

If you’re planning a wilderness trip, have you considered what you need if things go bad?

The important thing to survival in adventures like these is to plan ahead. This article offers a easy listing of vital items you must put in your “survival pack” anytime you venture off the beaten path … especially if it’s simply you and a buddy or two.

Keep in mind, the purpose of your survival gear is to keep you warm, dry, well fed, and ready for the unexpected. So, take this list and take into consideration the surroundings you will be visiting; then see if there is anything you think you need to add.

What to include in your survival pack:

· Maps
· Compass
· Hat, gloves, and extra socks (if you’re going where it’s hot all night long)
· At the least one long-sleeve shirt, one pair of long pants, light-weight gloves, and scarf to keep bugs off you at night.
· Water (lots more than you assume you want, in re-fillable containers)
· Iodine tablets or different water-purifying tablets
· Emergency food (including high calorie trail mix, chocolate, power bars, freeze-dried meals, etc.) – At least enough for one full extra day.
· Mountaineering boots
· Waterproof coat
· Tent (or tarp to build a lean-to)
· Sleeping bag
· Cooking utensils
· First aid kit including Vaseline (or an antibiotic like Neosporin or Bacitracin) and non-medicated baby/talcum powder. Bear in mind Vaseline is a great way to heal and forestall chafing on anything exposed to the wind, and baby powder is good for heat rash.
· Whistle (all metal or 2 plastic whistles)
· Flashlight (preferably the new LED model with spare batteries; spare bulb if not the LED kind)
· Pocketknife (ideally a multi-use knife like the Swiss Army selection)
· Waterproof plastic sheet (5×7 feet or larger)
· Water-resistant, shock-resistant wristwatch
· Sturdy plastic bags to carry water
· Fish hooks & fishing line
· Fully charged cell phone or FRS hand-held radios which is actually better in more remote areas
· Extra batteries for your cell phone or FRS radios
· Weather radio
· Waterproof matches or lighter and tinder
· High quality magnifying glass (may also be used to start a fire)
· Candle(s)
· 25 feet of cord/rope
· Insect repellent
· Sunscreen
· Chapstick (or lip balm)
· A coil of wire (at the very least four feet): Can be utilized for repairs, snares, drying line, etc.
· Wire cutters & pliers (unless your pocket knife has the equivalent instruments)
· Emergency blanket
· Waterproof poncho for emergencies)
· Snake bite kit (a brand new one)
· Bivouac sack (giant, bright-colored, waterproof bag you’ll be able to actually crawl into)

In case you choose to leave any of these things at home, give it some thought carefully; what you leave at home could possibly be the lacking key to your survival.

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