Survivalist Tips and Tricks

Survivalist Tips and Tricks

So you feel like a prepper and want to get ready. The first things that come to your mind is running to the store for food and guns. Wrong. First is the plan and assessment. Think of all disaster scenarios you will be prepping for. Identify the risks and their probability. Start small – you will learn a lot during the process and find bargains so there is no rush to do it all in one day.

Make lists

List all you need for a quick evacuation and make a list of long-term bug out preps.

Balance it.

Make prepping a hobby not an obsession. You will find yourself tempted to spend more and more money and time on something you think that you absolutely need. If you are a millionaire – fine. But if you are regular working class folk like the most of us, think of priorities. I believe that preps should be quality tools and supplies, but don’t be ashamed to ask for discounts, look for bargains, coupons, buy food when it is on sale, visit garage sales, you can find a lot of useful things there.

Don’t tell anyone you are prepping.

Unless you are absolutely sure you are all on the same page – don’t talk to your neighbors, relatives and friends about prepping. If you are so lucky to be in a prepping community – it is fine. But if you live in a regular neighborhood keep your mouth shut. Because in time of need people (neighbors, friends, relatives and anyone who has ever heard that you have resources) will be at your doorstep – some begging, some demanding, some planning how to steal what you have. Desperate people will do desperate things. And your distant relatives whom you have met just few times at reunions might have heard that you have food stored in case of emergency. Be sure they will remember that and they will want you to share. A weak link is your kids – be sure they know not to talk about the prepping. Here is a fantastic summary of what happens if you don’t keep your mouth shut.

Have a plan for moving out of the city.

If you live in the city and decide to bug out – don’t go out without a plan. Yes I know, you are thinking – rural areas will have plenty of food and water for long term survival. Be sure farmers will not great you with open arms and will not thank the Gods that you have arrived with your whole family. They will be hostile and armed – just like anyone trying to survive. Also you will not be the first one with the idea to go and look for a habitable farm. So – either consider a bug out place and buy a property in advance so that you can prepare this place for a long-term survival or have some close relatives that you know you can stay with. Please also discuss this with them – consider how you would feel if in times of disaster your relatives would show up on your doorstep and expect you to feed or shelter them. Also buy yourself a decent pair of army combat boots, you can buy military boots online.

Do not show others what you have.

If a crisis has hit – do not show by any means that you have food, water, electricity or any other resources. If there is a general disaster, streets are dark, your lovely well lit house makes you a prime target. Be sure you cover all windows. You have to blend in to survive. No bragging to neighbors, no open charity. Avoid any attention to your family.

Keep healthy and fit.

This is important and you will probably not like it – but keeping fit is as important as gathering the supplies and learning how to shoot. Many preppers have done test evacuation drills and high percentage of them had overestimated their skills and strength. After watching many obese preppers on TV, it seems that their most likely disaster scenario could be a heart disease not the nuclear fallout. It sounds harsh, but it is true. Think what you will do if you have to walk long distances or have to run for your life? So eat healthy and exercise – this is good for you anyway.

Pay a visit your doctor – do a general check-up, including dental. Trust me – a simple toothache when no dentist is around will do you more damage than a bunch of looters. Get your health checked and find your weak areas which you should take care firstly. If you already have a condition – don’t spend all money on preps. Your health is very important. Make sure you have the right medical supplies stored. Decide which are the most essential to go into the bug out bag.

Watch movies and read articles on prepping.

Go through the Doomsday Preppers series – I am sure you will find some new bits of info you did not have before. My personal favorites as seen on TV are the Practical Preppers – a small community of friends that have skills at almost anything and are pretty sure to survive it all, including a zombie attack.

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