The 5 Most Popular Emergency Survival Kits

The 5 Most Popular Ready Made Emergency Survival Kits that I found

1. Home Survival Kits

The most popular types of survival kits are those that are designed for your home and keep your family safe during an emergency. Although most people consider their home a safe place, you never know when a natural or unnatural disaster will strike. Home survival kits usually come in weatherproof, durable containers that can be stored almost anywhere. This container can also double as a portable and easy to carry toilet, and can come with an optional snap-on toilet seat. Inside of the container you will find a wide variety of supplies for most emergency situations including food bars, water boxes, thermal blankets, lights, etc.

2. Car Kits

No matter if you only use your car for short commutes to the office, or if you spend most of your life behind the wheel, keeping an emergency kit in the trunk of your car is a good idea. There are plenty of situations where an automobile survival kit would come in handy such as a severe snowstorm, accident, loss of gasoline, and many more. Automobile kits usually come in an easy-to-store backpack with food and water rations, first aid kit, AM/FM radio with LED flashlight, and a cell phone charger.

3. School Safety

School emergency survival kits are important to keep students safe in case of an emergency. During a lockdown students could spend long periods of time without access to food, water, or bathrooms. Depending on the size of the class, a home survival kit could suffice. However, kits designed for classrooms can usually support up to 24 students for up to 12 hours. For more serious situations, or larger class sizes, you could get premium classroom survival kits that could support up to 23 students for up to 3 days.

4. Office Emergencies

Since most Americans spend 160 hours or more each month at their place of work, office 72-hour emergency kits have become quite popular. If you want to keep you and your coworkers safe in the event of a disaster or emergency then you could invest in a simple office emergency kit. Since offices come in all shapes in sizes, we offer a wide variety of kits that sustain up to 100 people.

5. Travel and Camping

Hiking in the woods alone or in a small group can become very dangerous very quickly in the event you find yourself lost or injured. Fortunately, one-person travelling survival kits with first aid supplies, blankets, food, and water can keep you safe until help arrives. These small, one-person survival kits come in fanny packs and contain supplies to sustain a single individual for up to 3 days.

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